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Be selfish with your breath!

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ARIL, when being social is more important than social distancing.

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Physical activity is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. ARIL upscales its functions to match your level of exertion. All totally automatic and imperceptible to the wearer.

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Personal Protection

ARIL™ is a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) that prevents transmission of airborne communicable diseases by and through purifying and disinfecting of the air as it is both inhaled and exhaled. This high-tech wearable cleverly incorporates innovations such as micro-robotics, machine vision, and AI to capture, kill, denature and/or deactivate viruses, spores, bacteria, allergens, and a broad range of pathogens before they can take hold.

By tracking the wearer’s movements, ARIL™ smoothly maintains proximity without interfering with daily activities.

Disinfection [dis″in-fek´shun] is the act of disinfecting, using specialized cleansing techniques that destroy or prevent growth of organisms capable of infection.
Kills viruses, spores, bacteria, pathogens and allergens
Using artificial intelligence, micro-robotics, and machine vision to capture and inactivate airborne diseases
Purifies inhaled and exhaled air

Protecting you and the ones around you

How ARIL 1.0™ Works

ARIL 1.0™ is a lightweight and flexible wearable that is draped around the shoulders. Air for inhalation is taken from a small vent located on the back of the device, where tiny, nearly silent fans move air through the device to trap and inactivate pathogens and then store the purified air in a hollow reservoir. This stored air will be delivered in the next inhalation by means of the “Face Shield” located at the end of the interactive “arm.” Exhaled air is also collected through the face shield into another chamber from which it is then sterilized and then released through a vent in the back of the device.

Why ARIL™ and Not Masks

Masks are harder to breathe through

Masks accumulate viruses and bacteria

Masks hinder eating, drinking & communication

Smart Inconspicuous Convenience

ARIL™ operates comfortably and with perfect synchronicity, in an almost imperceptible manner, to instantly adapt to the wearer’s breathing and movements. It’s robotic arm tracks the movement of your head to smoothly maintain proximity without any user involvement. Whether you’re eating, drinking, strenuously exercising or chatting with a friend, ARIL™ will protect you and those you interact with – and you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Adapts to breathing

Tracks head movement

Eat, drink, exercise


ARIL integrates with other technologies, providing sound, microphone, camera, and biometrics. It’s capabilities include everything from connecting to your smart-phone to monitoring health conditions (ie., EKG, respiration, breathing rate, certain metabolic markers, temperature and oxygen levels). The ARIL™ technology can even be customized to work with certain medical treatments and therapeutics.

Improved Health

While protecting the wearer from airborne disease, ARIL™ removes environmental allergens, such as pollen and dander, and even the most harmful components of air pollution. ARIL™ cleverly incorporates innovations such as micro-robotics, machine vision, and AI to provide sterile purified air on every inhalation, and to decontaminate exhaled breathes – all imperceptible and in synchrony with the wearer’s breathing.

Any Questions?

Yes. ARIL takes in air from the vicinity of the individual who wears it, purifies it, sterilizes it and provides the individual and the surrounding areas clean air free of any contaminants, pathogens, and viruses. In addition, the exhaled air is also sterilized before being released. Unlike masks, which trap infectious particles, ARIL traps and destroys harmful viruses and bacteria so they can no longer cause harm.

  • ARIL does not obstruct the nose or mouth, allowing the user to speak, sing, eat or drink while protecting themselves and others.
  • ARIL adjusts to provide more air to users during exercise, unlike masks which make it harder to breathe with strenuous activity.
  • ARIL generates far less waste than disposable masks.
  • ARIL has Bluetooth connectivity along with built-in speakers and microphones allowing for hands-free usage of smartphones.

Yes. ARIL is for adults and for children above six years of age. ARIL is not designed for use by infants or toddlers.

Yes. Vaccines will not be widely available for some time and even then, it is likely that many people will not get vaccinated. ARIL also provides protection against the common cold, Influenza, and future causes of airborne illness and will be useful even when the current pandemic is brought under control.

Yes, the CDC and other health agencies recommend continued use of a mask. Vaccines prevent illness in most but not all individuals (5-10%) but not necessarily transmission. Using ARIL helps protect unvaccinated people, those that for some reason did not mount a sufficient immune response to the vaccine, and those with compromised immune systems.

Protecting your workforce